13 Best 8-Week Certificate Programs Online

Have you ever dreamt of relaxing in your home and taking 8-week certificate programs online only to get your certificate delivered to your doorstep? In this post, I will be listing some best 8-week certificate programs online, here you will find a list of the best 8-week certificate programs, in this blog post you will learn the benefits of completing a certificate program, and how you can also determine which certificate program is the best for you.

8-week certificate programs online classes cover the same content as regular classes, the only difference is that it has a quicker time frame. If you are a dedicated and self-motivated go-getter, you will thrive on a fast schedule, are you a student or working adult who would accept the possibility to further your knowledge without going back to school? you can accomplish your dreams with just 8-week certificate programs online.

What Are The Importance Of 8-week Certificate Programs?

In this blog post, you see and know the importance of having 8-week certificate programs, here are some benefits of having an online certificate program. These 8-week online certificate programs are less expensive than some four years degree programs, this is more appealing.

8-week certificate programs allow you to grow personally, taking up this program is a step up for you both financially and intellectually. there are many resources to support your growth and the programs are easily accessible and ..can also be downloaded. Many of these programs can be done with your mobile phone to access assignments and courses.

These 8-week certificate programs will help you become an expert in your field. Most of these programs are more demanding because it has more weekly reading assignments and prerequisites.

What Is An 8-week Certificate Program?

An 8-week certificate program is an exceptional career skill acquired within 8 weeks. A certificate program is a continuous education in some cases because it builds on your knowledge of a particular career or industry. It is also considered continuing education in some cases because it builds on your knowledge of a particular career or industry.

These are also certificates designed for you to develop or strengthen your specific career skills during the space of 8 weeks.

How Do I Get Started?

To start 8-week certificate programs you must make some decisions and also know your level of preparedness in taking online courses, to get the best 8-week certificate programs online, you will have to set your goals and work on achieving them. Starting an online 8-week program, you will also have to research the courses and their institute and check your curriculum and study plans.

Also, check the institutions that offer 8-week online certificate programs, and choose the course you want to study.

Where Can I Find an 8-week Certificate Program Online?

If you are looking for where to get 8-week certificate programs online, you have made the right choice reading this far in this blog. Below are some possible places you can easily find answers to your search.

  • Speaking with people who have already signed up for an 8-week certificate program will go a long way to getting your answers.
  • Using Google search as well as other social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and Wikipedia.
  • Reading this post thus far has also brought you to what you have been searching for, all you need do is continue reading below for more answers to your search.

13 Best 8-week Certificate Programs Online

1. Capella University

Capella University is an online university that offers Ph.D., professional doctorate master’s, and bachelor’s programs for adults seeking to advance their studies. Capella is also an accredited online university dedicated to providing an exceptional education that puts you in the best position to succeed in your field.

Capella University offers 8-week certificate programs online, their classes and programs are designed to meet standards established by professional associations and accrediting bodies. the university ensures that its students receive a high-quality education so they can gain skills and knowledge that apply to their career goals.

2. The Stanford Graduate School of Business

The Stanford Graduate School of Business also known as (Stanford GSB) is the graduate business school of Stanford University, a private research University in Stanford, California. For many years it has been the most selective business school in the United States, admitting only about 6% of applicants.

Stanford GSB offers a general management degree and a Ph.D. program along with joint degrees with other schools at Stanford, the GSB also offers Stanford LEAD Business Program, an online professional certificate program. GSB also offers 8-week certificate programs online, the Stanford Graduate School of Business is one of the best universities that offers online programs in the world.

3. Liberty University

Liberty University is a private Baptist university in Lynchburg, Virginia. it is founded in the year 1971 by Jerry Falwell Sr. and Elmer L. Towns, liberty is among the world’s largest Christian universities and the largest private non-profit universities in the United States by total student enrollment. Due to the discovery that many students prefer online and distance learning, the Liberty University School of Lifelong Learning was founded in the year 1985 and it is one of the best schools that offers 8-week certificate programs online.

Most of its enrollment is in online courses, Liberty University consists of 17 colleges including a school of osteopathic medicine, a school of law, and a seminary. Liberty is a Christian school whose website and officials speak of “training Champions for Christ”, since the middle of the 1980s, the university set the standard for distance learning.

4. Colorado State University

This is a flagship university of the Colorado State University system, it is also a public land-grant research university in Fort Collins. It was founded in 1870 as Colorado Agricultural College and in 1935 it was renamed the Colorado State College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts. In the year 1957, the Colorado General Assembly approved its current name, Colorado State University.

The University has approximately 2,000 faculty in eight colleges and 55 academic departments. Bachelor’s degrees are offered in 65 fields of study, with master’s degrees in 55 fields. Colorado State confers doctoral degrees in 40 fields of study, in addition to a professional degree in veterinary medicine. Colorado State University offers 8-week certificate programs online both to indigenous and non-indigenous students.

5. National University

National University is a private university with its headquarters in San Diego, California. it is founded in the year 1971, National University offers academic degree programs at campuses throughout California, and various programs online.

There are 8-week certificate programs online at the university, and it is designed for the adult learner, the university uses real-time virtual classrooms for its online programs. National University founder David Chigos, a former United States Navy captain and director of employee training for General Dynamics Corporation, established the school as a non-traditional university for working adults. As of 2010, National University was the second-largest private, non-profit institution of higher education in the United States.

6. College of Southern Nevada

College of Southern Nevada was founded in the year 1971 as Clark county community college, it is a public community college it has more than 2,500 teaching and non-teaching staff and is also the largest public university in Nevada.

The school became the community college of Southern Nevada in 1991, the College of Southern Nevada provides job training in more than 70 academic programs with more than 180 programs with more than 180 degrees certificates available. The university also offers 8-week certificate programs online, majority of the students, 73.5% attend part-time while 26.5% attend full-time.

7. North Carolina Wesleyan University

North Caroline Wesleyan University was founded in the year 1956, it is a private Christian university located in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. The University is a small institution with an enrollment of 1,200 undergraduate students.

Admissions are competitive as the North Carolina Wesleyan acceptance rate is 28%, students have the chance to take accelerated seated classes one day a week from 6 to 10 p.m. or 8-week certificate programs. The tuition rate is comparable to the direct cost of attending a state university with financial aid packages available. North Carolina Wesleyan University has become an affiliate of the Bee Campus USA program, designed to marshal the strengths of educational campuses for the benefit of pollinators.

8. Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

This is one of the largest Baptist theological seminary institutes in the world. Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary was founded in the year 1908 and it is accredited by the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada. Aside from theology, the school offers a wide variety of graduate majors such as apologetics, biblical counseling, Christian education, divinity, Islamic studies, missiology, and music.

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary has its main campus in Fort Worth but also offers programs and selected degrees at remote campuses. The university offers online classes including 8-week certificate programs online.

9. Indiana Institute of Technology

Indiana Institute of Technology is a private university founded in the year 1930 as Indiana Technical College by John A. Kalbfleisch, who was also the school’s first president. The university specializes in career-oriented degree programs in business, engineering, computer science, education, criminal justice, and others.

Indiana Institute of Technology offers accelerated degree programs and 8-week certificate programs online via its College of professional studies. In 1963, Indiana Tech’s name was changed from Indiana Technical College to Indiana Institute of Technology, Indiana Tech offers associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees.

Indiana Tech is organized into the following colleges:

  • College of Business
  • College of Arts and Sciences
  • Talwar College of Engineering and Computer Sciences

10. Dallas College

Dallas College is one of Texas’s major community colleges, with about 3 million individuals in their pursuit of education since 1965. Dallas College is also a public community college with seven campuses in Dallas Country, Texas. It serves more than 70,000 students annually in degree-granting and adult education programs.

Dallas College offers associate degree and career/technical certificate programs in more than 100 areas of study as well as a bachelor’s degree in education. Dallas College maintains an “open-door” admissions policy regarding new students, allowing many people to attend college who otherwise might not be able to do so, they also offer online courses including 8-week certificate programs online.

11. College of DuPage

The College of Dupage is the second-largest provider of undergraduate education in Illinois, the college was opened on September 25, 1967, under the leadership of the college’s president Rodney K. Berg. The college also owns and operates satellite campuses in Addison, Carol Stream, Naperville, and Westmont.

The college offers 8-week certificate programs online with over 60 academic and per-professional clubs, culture, and ethnic clubs, political clubs, and service-oriented clubs, faith-based clubs, honors societies, literary and performing arts clubs.

12. Post University

Post University offers both online degrees and traditional college, the university was founded in the year 1890, and it offers over 25 undergraduate and graduate programs day and evening, and they also offer online courses including 8-week certificate programs.

The school offered training in typing, bookkeeping, business writing, and other courses, in 1897, Harry C. Post acquired the school and renamed the school Waterbury Business College, where he became the college’s first principal. The school again changed its name in 1931 to Post College, and in 2021, Post University announced its intentions to acquire American Sentinel University, a for-profit college with 1400 undergraduate students and 1300 graduate students. The school will become the American Sentinel College of Nursing and Health Science at Post University.

13. Peirce College

Peirce is a college for working adults and adults learners that offer flexible on-campus and online college degrees in Philadelphia and were founded in the year 1865, Peirce college is a private university and in the year 1917, the school was renamed the Peirce School of Business Administration.

In the year 1964, Perice School was renamed Peirce Junior College as it received approval to grant Bachelor of Science degrees and was renamed Peirce College. In 2000 the college began offering online courses including 8-week certificate programs online.

This is a program designed to enable students to start working in their fields in six months or less, it also comes with a certificate.

4-week certificate programs are always available online with lots of courses to learn, like professional coders, court reporters, hair stylists, commercial drivers, and many more in space of 4 weeks.

There are lots of 2-week certificates online and also offline, it also comes with an instant certificate after your 2-week of learning.

There are lots of 6-week certification programs online which can earn you a certificate in emergency care, medical coding, and real estate in just 6 months.


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