20 Best Courses with High Salary in the Philippines

After high school, you have to know what you want and what you are best in, as a student one of the decisions you have to make is choosing a course, They are courses with high salary in the Philippines which you can apply for, This courses might take a long time to be completed but it is worth it.

The Philippines is a great country and place you can study and work as well, is a great opportunity for all looking for courses that pay a high salary, if you are curious about what courses give high-paid jobs in the Philippines, below are the top 20 best courses with high salary in the Philippines. The Philippines is the world’s third-largest English-speaking country.

Is There Any Difference Between In-Demand Courses And High Salary Courses In The Philippines?

In-demand courses provide you with many job opportunities, while high-salary courses lead you to high-paying jobs. here are some examples of in-demand courses: customer services, social media marketing, software development, and healthcare, while some high-salary courses are: doctor, lawyer, judge, bank manager, managing director, fashion designer, and many others.

Is Studying In The Philippines A Good Ideal?

Studying in the Philippines is a great idea, it provides many high-salary paying jobs for you and allows you to work while studying, it also has a low cost of living with many options to help you pay your fees. Studying in the Philippines gives you the chance to explore the country.

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Studying In The Philippines?

It gives you the opportunity to explore the country, Great career opportunities, gives you the chance of getting a high-salary job in the Philippines after you study, and provides courses with a high salary in the Philippines, the Philippines has the highest literacy rate @94% in Asia! majority of the Philippines are educated, which makes the country commendable and safe for studying.

Disadvantages Of Studying In The Philippines

The cost of living is high, some of the college does not have hostel facility, and getting accommodation might be difficult for some students. students might be unable to renew their visas due to its high cost.

Is Taking A High Salary Course In The Philippines A Good Idea?

Taking a high-salary course is a very good idea, it will help you with your feeding, accommodation, renewal of your visa and with all your expenses, it will also help you in your career.

List Of Courses With High Salary In The Philippines

There are many courses in the Philippines with high salaries, but here are the 20 best courses with the highest salaries. They are Medical doctors, software development, nursing, optometry, dentistry, pharmacy, data science, digital marketing, accounting, chemical engineering, telecommunication engineering, computer science, economics, professor, surgery, aerospace engineering, geology, law, fashion design, and system analysts.


Medical Doctors are one of the 20 best courses with high salary in the Philippines and other countries, doctors are paid an average of P17,263 per month. The Philippines is a great place to pursue your medical career. the medical degree in the Philippines is recognized worldwide. Medical Doctors are in-demand in the Philippines, and being a doctor in the Philippines allows you to work in other countries.


Software development deals with designing, developing, and maintaining software applications, it is one of the highest-paying jobs in the Philippines. As a software developer in the Philippines, you earn P43,000 to P50,000 monthly. A software developer also creates computer applications that allow users to do specific tasks and the underlying systems that run the devices or control the network.


Nursing is one of the highest-paying jobs in the Philippines, nursing is a medical science course that deals with taking care of the sick, disabled, and old people. nursing is an in-demand course in the Philippines whereas nurses are always needed in the country. In the Philippines, nurses earn an average of P30,535 monthly.


This is one of the best courses to study in the Philippines, it is electrical engineering which design and devises systems of communication at a distance. Telecommunication engineers deal with video and data communication systems to keep users connected. The average salary of a telecommunication engineer in the Philippines is P21,872 monthly.


This is one of the 20 best schools in the Philippines, This is the study and treatment of diseases and disorders of the oral cavity(mouth). A graduate of dentistry is called a dentist, A dentist earns P37,000 to P42,000 per month.


Chemical engineering is a science course that involves the production and manufacturing of products through chemical processes. A graduate of chemical engineering is called a chemical engineer. in the Philippines, a chemical engineer earns P23,367 per month.


A person who studies surgery is called a surgeon, this is a branch of medicine that deals with the treatment of injuries, diseases, and other disorders. A surgery course in the Philippines takes five to six years long. In the Philippines, a surgeon earns about P761,811.


This is the study of Aircraft and Spacecraft, they develop technologies for use in aviation and defense systems. aerospace engineering is also called AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING. Aerospace engineering is a difficult course and also offers good opportunities. an average aerospace engineer earns about P943,000, they are also entitled to a bonus of about P35,000.


This is one of the 20 best highest-paying courses in the Philippines, a good degree in accounting with experience will get you a high-paying job in the Philippines, accounting is an in-demand course in the Philippines. Studying accounting in the Philippines is a great opportunity not to miss, as an accountant in the Philippines, you earn about 25,000 to P30,000 Philippines pesos monthly.


In the Philippines, the law is one of the best and also a high salary course, it favors mostly those who have an interest in legal systems and justice. law course requires dedication and lots of hard work, to get a good job in the law field, you must complete a law degree. A lawyer earns about P80,000 monthly in the Philippines and other countries.


This position is highly in-demand in the Philippines because of the high salary and many benefits that come with it, a professor in the Philippines earns about P110,000 monthly, and this is one of the top 20 best courses in the Philippines.


Economics is another high-salary course in the Philippines, an economist analyzes data and uses the information to solve the economic problem, economists earn about P75,000 and more. Economics focuses on efficiency in production and exchange, economics is not all about money, it also involves topics like wealth and finance.


Before you can become a computer scientist, you will have great analysis skills, you will also have to create, maintain and enhance computer programs. computer scientists in the Philippines earn about P100,000 and above. Computer science is a good course to study in the Philippines, as technology has taken over the world today, studying computer science will be a great choice.


Pharmacists are professionals in the healthcare industry whose job is to administer and prescribe medication to patients after lab test has been carried out. a pharmacist earns about 50,000 Philippine pesos monthly. Pharmacy is a good course to study in the Philippines with a lot of job opportunities.


Studying data science allows you to earn as much as 60,000 Philippines pesos and above, data science is a fast-growing field in the Philippines, and it’s a combination of computer science and is also an in-demand course in the Philippines.


Digital marketing is also known as online marketing, it is the act of promoting brands for customers using the internet and other methods of digital communication. you can make use of email, social media, text messages, and also web-based advertising as a marketing tool. digital marketing is also a high-salary course in the Philippines, as a digital marketing manager in the Philippines you can earn as much as 55,000 to 60,000 Philippine pesos monthly.


This is also one of the best courses to study in the Philippines which offers you a high-salary job after you graduation. studying optometry allows you to examine, diagnose, treat, and manage diseases and disorders of the eye, they are seen as Physicians under Medicare. As an Optometrist, you earn as much as 60,000 to 70, 000 Philippines pesos monthly.


This is also known as geoscience or earth science, it is a very rewarding career in the Philippines. after studying geology, you will be known as a geologist, it is also an in-demand course in the Philippines, A geologist earns about 30,000 to 40,000 Philippine pesos monthly. Geology is one of the 20 best courses in the Philippines


A system analyst’s job is to advise employers and clients on which software programs they need to work with, and they also implement new systems. As a system analyst, you have to be good in verbal and written communication skills. As a system analyst, you have to be good in math and also in logic, the average salary of a system analyst is about P30,000 to P40,000 per month.


Being a fashion designer in the Philippines is a great opportunity for you to earn a high salary, as a good fashionista, you can make as much as 70,000 pesos or more as long as you are good in the fashion industry. fashion designers are in-demand in most countries including the Philippines. the world we are in today deals with fashion.

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FAQs On Best Courses With High Salary In The Philippines

Here are some frequently asked questions on the best courses in the Philippines

How Can I Determine Which Course Is Right Based On My Interest In Career Goals?

Taking a career test will help you determine which course is right for you, and also knowing what you are good at and what you always love to do will go a long way in helping you discover the right course for you. You also have to discover what your interest, strengths, and aptitudes are.

What Are The Long-Term Career Prospects For Professionals In The Field?

Long-term career prospects are the goals you set to achieve within some periods of years, you build your professional networks which are a great source for learning, finding opportunities, and staying connected with professionals, your professional networks will help you achieve other goals like earning another degree, becoming an expert in your field and improving your work-life balance.

What Are The Qualifications And Training Required For These Courses With High Salaries In The Philippines?

To get courses with high salaries in the Philippines, you have to get a high school diploma, you will pass through a special training for employment program which is established by the Philippines’ Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA).

What Is The Job Market For Graduates Of These Courses With High Salaries In The Philippines?

The quality of education is necessary to complement the needs of the labor market, Technology has made it easier for graduates to have access to their portals where they are different types of high salaries jobs in the Philippines.

How Much Can I Expect To Earn With A Degree In One Of These Courses With High Salaries In The Philippines?

You can earn as much as 70, 000 Philippines pesos which is (576,997.67) in Naira. you can also earn more than that monthly.

Are There Any Scholarships Or Financial Aid Options Available For These Courses?

There are scholarships and also financial aid in the Philippines, these scholarships are fully funded, while some are partly funded for both undergraduates and postgraduates. majority of these scholarships are funded by the Philippines government, while some are funded by private institutions.

Are There Any Professional Organizations Or Resources Available For Individuals In This Field?

Yes, there are professional organizations available such as the Philippines Technology Council (PTC), Council for Built and Natural Environment(CBNE), we also have The Philippines Association for Teacher Education(PAFTE).

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