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In this particular content, we will be talking about opportunities to study in Hungary without IELTS, and not only that, but we will also list and discuss some of the universities in Hungary that international students can enroll in without the stress of IELTS. Hungary is a landlocked country in central Europe, that is bordered by Austria, Romania, Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia, Ukraine, and Slovenia, The capital of Hungary is Budapest.

Hungary is becoming an increasingly popular study destination and has made it easier for students to study without IELTS. There is a great opportunity to Study in Hungary without IELTS. There is no need to take the International English Language Testing System(IELTS) exam, Students will be able to study full-time bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. degree programs, and one-year Masters at one of Hungary’s top public universities.

Studying in Hungary will also expose you to various cultures that you have never witnessed before, and even connect you with different people from different destinations that also came to complete their degrees in Hungary.

Now let’s take a look at some benefits of studying in Hungary as an international student or as even a resident student, lest we forget, Hungary as a country has so many scholarships to offer its visitor who has chosen to complete their degrees in Hungary.

Benefits Of Studying In Hungary

Some people might say that studying in another country as an international student is expensive, Yes it is! But there are also some interesting benefits of just studying in Hungary comes with so many benefits such as;

  • high-quality Education
  • Low cost of living
  • Affordable tuition fees
  • It is safe
  • Hungary is a modern country
  • Hungary offers a lively and welcoming culture
  • Low competition for admission

List of 10 Universities To Study in Hungary without Ielts

There are numbers of Universities in Hungary, which do not require you to submit your International English Language Testing System. Below is a list of Universities without IELTS in Hungary.

  • University of Pecs
  • University of Debrecen
  • University of West Hungary
  • University of Miskolc
  • Szent Istvan University
  • Budapest University of Technology and Economics
  • University of Szeged
  • Obuda University
  • Central European University

University Of Pecs

The University of Pecs is one of the oldest Universities in the country. It is one of the largest higher education institutions in Hungary, the modern university was established in the year 1912 and was first initiated by King Louis the Great in 1367. The University of Pecs is known for its long prestigious academic history, There are courses at Bachelor’s and Master’s levels without English language certificates for international students.

The University of Pecs covers a wide range of educational areas with 10 Faculties.

  • Faculty of Health Sciences
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Faculty of Sciences
  • Faculty of Music and Visual Arts
  • Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology
  • Faculty of Business and Economics
  • Medical School
  • Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Education, and Regional Development

The University of Pecs is a great place for international students because of its secure environment, high-quality teaching, low living costs, and reasonable tuition fees. the average tuition fee for students from the EU/EEA is 2,333,600 HUF per year, while 2,432,300 HUF for students outside the EU/EEA yearly.

University of Debrecen

The University of Debrecen is one of the top public universities in Debrecen, Hungary. it is the oldest continuously operating institution of higher education in Hungary, the university has four major campuses in Debrecen, The oldest is the main campus which serves the majority of the faculties like Science and Technology, Music, Humanities, and Medicine.

They also have the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences and Environmental Management and the Faculty of Economics and Business are on a smaller campus on Boszormenyi Street. The third campus is on Otemeto” street, where the Faculty of Engineering can be found.

The youngest campus is based in Kassai Street where the Faculties of Law, Informatics, and the School of Public Health are located.

The University of Debrecen offers courses in the following Faculties.

  • Faculty of Dentistry
  • Faculty of Health
  • Faculty of Information
  • Faculty of Humanities
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Engineering
  • Faculty of Medicine
  • Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Faculty of Economics and Business
  • Faculty of Child and Adult Education
  • Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences and Environmental Management
  • Faculty of Music
  • Faculty of Public Health
  • Faculty of Science and Technology

There are courses for Bachelor’s and Master’s levels without using IELTS.

University of West Hungary

The University of West Hungary is a public higher education in Hungary, Sopron is the home of the university; therefore, it is also known as Sopron University, the University was founded in the year 1808. The University of West Hungary comprises ten faculties and offers over 150 bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees in order of, Education, Resources Science, Biology, History, Wood Science, Human Studies, Life Science, Forestry, Management, Sports, Theology, Tourism, Technology, Liberal arts, Physics, Health Sciences, and many other courses are available to pick from.

The University of West Hungary produces thousands of graduates every year and supports the environment and sustainability. the university has an average acceptance rate, it offers good tuition fees. it is also regarded to be among the best universities in Hungary.

The University of West Hungary has many faculties which are below;

  • Faculty of Economics
  • Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences
  • Faculty of Pedagogy
  • Faculty of Forestry
  • Faculty of Natural and Technical Sciences
  • Faculty of Engineering, Wood Sciences, and Applied Arts
  • Faculty for Teacher Training

Without IELTS you can study at the University of West Hungary

The University of Miskolc

The University of Miskolc is the largest in northern Hungary. You can study at the University of Miskolc without IELTS, the university aims to contribute to the progress of science and society through interdisciplinary study programs and development projects.

The University of Miskolc offers degrees in over 300 fields of study within its seven faculties and one institute. the university was established by Charles III in 1735 and was the world’s first higher education institution in these fields.

The University of Miskolc offers courses in the following Faculties;

  • Arts
  • Law
  • Economics
  • Music
  • Health Sciences
  • Earth Science and Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering and Informatics
  • Materials Science and Engineering

Szent Istvan University

The Szent Istvan University is one of Hungary’s most prominent institutions of higher education, it is a university of agriculture and life sciences, and also a university of technology in Hungary.

This institution was founded in 1789 about 236 years ago, it has over 15,000 students and more than 1,300 academic staff. This university has about 8 different faculties for both studies and research.

The Faculties at the University of Szent Istvan are as follows;

  • Faculty of Landscape Architecture and Urbanism
  • Faculty of Food Science
  • Faculty of Horticultural Science
  • Faculty of Economic Science

Budapest University of Technology and Economics

This is the world’s oldest university of technology, and the first institute in Europe to train engineers at the university level. This is one of the top public universities in Budapest, which has a university rank and structure, it was founded in 1782.

Training courses are provided in five languages: Hungarian, English, German, French, and Russian. The Budapest University of Technology and Economics is a public higher education institute operating as a budgetary institution.

Faculties In The Budapest University Of Technology And Economics

  • Faculty of Architecture (EPK)
  • Faculty of Natural Sciences (TTK)
  • Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences (GTK)
  • Faculty of Civil Engineering (EMK)
  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (GPK)
  • Faculty of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology (VBK)
  • Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics (VIK)

University of Szeged

The University of Szeged is a reputable higher education institution rich in traditions and committed to maintaining high-quality education. You can study at the University of Szeged without IELTS as an international student, The university offers international degree programs for Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. Below are the study fields.

The University of Szeged is a public research university located in Szeged, Hungary. It was previously established as the Jesuit Academy of Kolozsv ár in 1581, and later the institution was re-established as a university in 1872 by Emperor Franz Joseph I.

Obuda University

Obuda University is a technical university in Budapest, the university is named after Obuda, a part of Budapest in Hungary. it was founded in the year 2000. it is one of the best schools in Hungary that accepts students without IELTS. Obuda University has 7 faculties namely;

  • Alba Regia
  • Keleti Karoly
  • Ybl Miklos
  • Banki Donat
  • Kando Kalman
  • John von Neumann
  • Rejto Sandor

Central European University

This is a private research university accredited in Hungary, with campuses in Vienna and Budapest. It was founded by George Soros in the year 1991, There are courses at Bachelor’s and Master’s level without the use of IELTS.

The Central European University offers courses in the following Departments.

  • Department of Gender Studies
  • Department of Public Policy
  • Department of Studies Program
  • Department of Medieval Studies
  • Department of Economics and Business
  • Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy
  • Department of History, Nationalism Studies Program

The university also offers scholarships such as the Stipendium Hungary Scholarship Programme to assist students from various regions of the world to attend university.

Study in Hungary without IELTS

IELTS is not compulsory in Hungary as long as English is your native language. As an international student, you do not need IELTS to gain admission to Hungary.

In Hungary, you can find more job opportunities than in the rest of the countries. getting a job in Hungary is easy and stress-free.

Hungarians are friendly, and also they are generally good at welcoming foreigners.


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